Regulatory compliance and fuel costs make operating efficiency a priority in this sector. Through superior products, service and support, SCORE VALVES is improving the availability and output of existing plants, from coal to combined cycle processes, helping our customers meet tough commercial and environmental targets.

SCORE VALVES’ offers solutions for conventional and nuclear power plant cooling water systems, hydroelectric power plants, district steam heating, turbine fuel gas isolation and steam extraction, as well as solar, geothermal, carbon capture and Clean Coal technologies.

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SCORE VALVES has over 30 years installation experience in both conventional and nuclear power plant cooling water systems which require conformance to added requirements of the ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code. Install base for cold side includes hundreds of valves at many facilities including Nine Mile Point Nuclear.

SCORE VALVES has many large size valves installed at hydroelectric power generation facilities across North America, including valves to 84” CL300 at facilities ranging from Illinois Power  in USA to BC Hydro in Canada.

TRICENTRIC® triple offset butterfly valves provide tight shutoff and reliable service in district steam heating distribution systems, which are typically weld end to eliminate potential steam leaks. SCORE VALVES has supplied many end user projects including: University of Michigan and University of Illinois. Body options include cast, fabricated and double block.

TRICENTRIC® triple offset butterfly valves have been installed for over 20 years worldwide in turbine fuel gas isolation and steam extraction service systems for GE Power, including: USA, Canada, Japan, China, Spain and Algeria to 24” Cl600 in materials including WCB, WC6, CF8M and C12A.

SCORE VALVES has designed and manufactured valves for large scale geothermal power projects including PNOC Philippines National Oil in 18, 20 and 24” CL300 with cobalt alloy 6 hardfaced wetted areas, to resist erosion from steam with entrained sand.

SCORE VALVES’ TRICENTRIC® valve in carbon capture and clean coal conversion applications has multiple projects install base experience including Mississippi Power Clean Coal and Sask Power Carbon Capture projects, with valves to 48” diameter.

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