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    Our History

    SCORE VALVES was founded by three partners in Stettler Canada in 1988, supplying manufactured products and services including: triple offset butterfly valves, dual plate and wafer-style check valves, ball valves, and refractory lined valves, in addition to oilfield services. SCORE VALVES partnered with C&S Valve, and later Atwood and Morrill Company, on the TRICENTRIC® butterfly valve for design, manufacture, and distribution. SCORE VALVES continued to grow, building on the substantial install base of the TRICENTRIC® from the early 1970’s, as the first triple offset valve designed in North America. Company growth led to relocation in 1990 into a larger facility in Edmonton, Canada where the company continues to provide customer focused North American design, manufacture, and distribution—whatever the technical complexity—as a leading engineered valve solutions provider.

Focused on Customers since 1988

“In those early days, our people worked very hard to solidify the viability of the company. We established a work ethic and a reputation that continues to benefit us today.”

— Al Webster

Early 1970’s
TRICENTRIC® - First North American Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
Design, manufacturing, and distribution begins with thousands installed over next 15 years.
Facility opens with Canadian distribution in Stettler, AB. US distribution by C & S Valves.
SCORE Designs Custom Solutions
SCORE adds new design configurations—including reduced-port, jacketed, and cryogenic valves.
Factory Relocation
Edmonton facility partnership with Kurt Feigel of UMCORP expands production to 84” diameter and up.
SCORE Begins Large Size Valve Supply
Sizes ranging from 48” to 76” supplied with hundreds of large valves installed to date.
Air Liquide Worldwide Approval
Cryogenic valves approved for LOX, GOX, GH2, LH2, LN2, and argon. Thousands installed to date.
NASA Approval
SCORE is a proud select supplier to NASA-KSC/SSC, McDonnell Douglas, and more.
SCORE Partners with Weir Valves & Controls USA
Distribution in US and globally thru Weir Valves & Controls (now Trillium Flow Technologies). Canadian distribution provided by SCORE VALVES.
SCORE Double Block & Bleed
Supply of largest DBB TRICENTRIC® valve to date—42” CL150 for Saudi Aramco.
First Geothermal Project
Geothermal project supply to PNOC Philippines National Oil in 18", 20", and 24” CL300 with full cobalt Alloy 6 hard-facing.
Gas Turbine Projects
Begin to supply to multiple gas turbine manufacturers—over 500 installed globally including GE.
Power Projects
Conventional and nuclear installations up to 84” CL300 including companies such as GE, Westinghouse, and Mitsubishi.
TRICENTRIC® BD Full Rated Bi-Directionality
The SCORE-designed and manufactured bi-directional—zero leakage TRICENTRIC® BD series is launched.
HIGHSEAL® double offset butterfly valves introduced with thousands of installed valves to date.
SCORE Shell AOSP Supplier
Since 1980, nearly a thousand valves installed globally at Shell facilities. Valves range from 3” to 72”/ CL150 to CL1500.
LNG Cryogenic
First LNG cryogenic valves delivered with continued supply including ethane and LNG export loading facilities in USA.
Carbon Capture / Clean Coal
First carbon capture and “Clean Coal” project valves supplied to SaskPower carbon capture and Mississippi Kemper “Clean Coal” projects.
SCORE VALVES Direct Sales to US
TRICENTRIC® available to the US market through SCORE’s established and expanded distribution network.
Valve Manufacturers of America
SCORE VALVES joins the Valve Manufacturers of America Association after 25 years of technical conference participation.
30 Years of SCORE VALVES
30 years of support to the majority of North American oil, gas, chemical, power, and aerospace facilities.
Innovative Cryogenic Design
SCORE VALVES successfully obtains zero leakage at cryo temperatures (-196°C or -320°F), using a specially engineered TOV design replacing legacy Aerospace valves.
Vacuum Jacketing for Aerospace
First vacuum jacketed valve supplied for use in Aerospace with special cryogenic true zero leakage seat.