COVID-19 Outbreak Planning and Required Procedures

Score Valves has been monitoring the provincial COVID-19 situation closely and is proactively taking steps to minimize the community health risk while striving to provide timely services to our customers. The following precautions are being taken for the safety of our employees and partners, and for the continuity of the supply chain which we are a part of.

To help prevent the spread of the virus and to support the health and well-being of our stakeholders, we are updating you regarding the following immediate actions:

  1. Restricted Access: In order to protect employees from exposure to COVID- 19, all company worksites will be enforced as Restricted Access worksites. No unauthorized visitors will be  permitted. This applies to Visitors, Guests, Contractors, Clients, Customers, and candidates for employment interviews.
  2. Any employee, or authorized visitor, in the workplace that is sick or shows the symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to go home.
  3. Employees and visitors are to practice the following public health recommendations:
    1. Wash hands often with soap/water
    2. Do not shake hands with anyone
    3. Practice social-distancing and stay at least 1 meter away from other people
    4. Cover your mouth/nose with the crook of your elbow when coughing or sneezing
    5. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
    6. Do not share office supplies, pens, pads, etc.
  4. Meetings & Gatherings: Meetings/interviews will be held via telephone, teleconference and video calls wherever possible. We respectfully request that employees and customers limit  potential worksite visits to those that are essentially required only, and to postpone or cancel visits for non-essential inspections/audits and social/business discussions. Please avoid the lunchrooms, eat alone and minimize group gatherings.
  5. The Company has updated its housekeeping and sanitation protocols, and has adapted best practices advocated by public health officials, including cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces and shared keyboards/mouse’s, and cleaning tools/trucks and equipment as well as entry/exit doorknobs, office counters/work-surfaces, and washrooms/breakrooms on a daily basis.
  6. All company employees are restricted from work travel outside of Canada, and all travel inside Canada must be pre-approved at a senior management level.
  7.  Where possible, the Company is encouraging employees to work from home, shift hours of work or work fewer hours to reduce the number of workers on site at one time.

Please stay safe during these unprecedented times.